The majority of Simon's client base stems from the professional indemnity insurance market. Having established many contacts during the life of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund, Simon is pleased to say that he is still working with many of those contacts that have themselves gone on to bigger and better things as their careers have progressed. Simon is perhaps the only Costs Draftsman that has chosen to specialise in this particular field, principally in relation to the costs consequences arising from claims for damages against Solicitors, but also other professionals, such as Barristers, Surveyors and Accountants.

Simon's main role is to act on behalf of panel Solicitors appointed by Insurers. However, as a qualified Costs Lawyer with rights of audience, Simon also represents Insurers directly either before or after proceedings have been commenced. Examples of the types of service that Simon regularly provides to panel Solicitors and Insurers are:

  • Advice with regard to settlement offers
  • Preparation of points of dispute and replies to points of dispute
  • Preparation of breakdowns of costs
  • Preparation of formal bills of costs
  • Negotiation of claims for costs
  • Advocacy at Detailed Assessment Hearings and Arbitrations
  • File audits
  • Costs estimates and Precedent H Costs Budgets
  • Expert Evidence
  • Advising on D&O policy claims for costs in the UK, the USA and other jurisdictions